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We are IT specialists providing technical solutions to businesses in the US

Located in in South Florida, Data108 has a dedicated team of in-house IT experts with decades of experience working with local, regional and national businesses.

We diagnose IT issues on a daily basis and provide routine software and hardware support. We also provide consultation on implementing new systems and contingency planning. Whatever your business needs, we can provide you with a bespoke solution to support your business.

Core IT

We provide an extensive range of IT support services to help support your business as you grow, including but not limited to the following fundamental core IT services.

Remote IT Support

Remote IT support is a popular choice and a cost effective solution for many businesses. We offer a fast and convenient remote IT support service to resolve password issues, software upgrades or installations, or configuration of network changes.

24/7 IT Support

Our 24/7 IT support provides a rapid response to resolve emergency issues immediately to ensure your IT systems are stable. Our support team also implement contingency plans to mitigate risk, ensuring you can continue to operate in the event of IT failure.

IT Relocation Services

Moving office space is stressful enough with the headache of setting up the new IT environment. Our tech support experts are on hand to make light work of your office move, reducing any downtime and ensuring normal operations are restored quickly.

Network Solutions

A reliable network is essential, especially if you have employees who work remotely. Our network solution professionals ensure that staff can access data and applications securely, from any location.


Adopting virtualization technologies provides your business with a wealth of benefits. Virtualization promises simplified systems that are scalable and agile, while saving you money.

Server Management

Server management is crucial to the functionality of a business. We support clients with server security, data storage, website hosting, email and more. Continually monitoring and maintaining servers to support your organization.

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Additional Services

In addition to providing the above fully comprehensive services, we can provide the following to satisfy your needs:

Technical diagnostics

Hardware and software support

Security consultation

Data recovery and business continuity planning

Network security, diagnostics, design and implementation

Server migrations, design and implementation

Microsoft Windows support

Microsoft licensing consultation, supply and reporting

Wireless network design, deployment and maintenance

System performance and security monitoring

Take advantage of our IT support services

Rapid Response

Get any IT issue resolved quickly and keep your business moving. You need the specialist support at your fingertips to prevent disruption and we have engineers who support businesses every day to fix problems as soon as possible.

Minimise Downtime

Make sure your IT systems are stable and reliable with regular maintenance and monitoring. We’ll look after this for you to protect your business against threats and we'll deal with problems before they pose a risk.

Mitigate Risk

We work in a threatening cyber environment, with viruses and malware posing an everyday risk. These risks are entirely manageable through routine maintenance, patching and best practice. We’re experienced in identifying vulnerabilities and implementing improved security measures to stop these threats.

Future Proof Your Business

Make the most of new technology to drive your business forward. We don’t just provide IT support, we help you evolve with it. We’re up-to-date with the latest technologies and can help improve business performance and efficiency through technology.

Take advantage of our IT support services

We are more than just your IT team

You need an experienced team of IT specialists working hard to support and innovate your systems. That’s what we do. Not just day-to-day support, but consultancy services for future-proofing your IT. We’ll work to make sure that we detect problems before they affect your business. And if your system encounters a critical issue, we’ve got the processes in place to react rapidly to get them working again.

We can support you with some of the most popular technology

Our team supports businesses with some of the most popular technology on the marketplace. We can help you with:


Use Cisco to manage network infrastructures, applications and tools. We’re experienced in Cisco switching, routing, firewalls and more.


A popular infrastructure platform, VMware offers network virtualization that lets you manage and connect apps across clouds and devices. Utilise our experience in VMware vSan, clusters and maintenance.


The leading software provider, our staff are fluent in all Microsoft products, offering support in Hyper-V, SQL, Server Migration and more.

We can support you with some of the most popular technology

Clients we work with

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Cloud Services

We have a dedicated team of IT infrastructure and support specialists in cloud services from Azure and Office 365.

Cyber Security

Our security analysts and architects offer a range of cyber security services to protect your business from harm.

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